This tutorial explains how to use aCalendar and aCalendar+. Please also have a look at the FAQ.

  • 1.Navigate back and forth

    Navigate back and forth

    Swipe vertically to move on the time axis. Alternatively you can use the volume keys.

  • 2.Navigate between views

    Navigate between views

    Swipe horizontally to change between day, week and month view. aCalendar always takes you to the day or week on which you start the swipe gesture.

  • 3.Goto day view

    Goto day view

    Instead of swiping horizontally into day view, you can also double-tap.

  • 4.Goto today

    Goto today

    In day and week view, you can long-press the mini-month-view to goto today.

  • 5.Goto date

    Goto date

    When you are in the current day or week view, long-pressing the mini-month-view opens the goto-date-dialog.

  • 6.Navigate back and forth fast

    Navigate back and forth fast

    Use 2 fingers to move 7 days, 4 weeks or 12 months at a time.

  • 7.Create a new event

    Create a new event

    Long-press anywhere to create a new event. In day view the event start time will be set according to the position and when you long-press in the all-day area in the top-right corner it will create an all-day event.

  • 8.Open event details

    Open event details

    Tap on an event to see the event details.